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So if you're out there bored and want to make a new friend. I just might be your guy.

I'm a friendly and funny person. So I'm sure to get a few smiles as well as laughs from you though out the day.

Junk food (pizza, candy, cookies) movies, maybe some video games and 420. I'm usual down for that.

Although I'd like to find an adventurer. One who likes hiking and being outdoors. Doesn't mind rolling around in some dirt from time to time. A women not afraid to get dirty.

Maybe someone who's very forward or blunt. Dark humor, cruel jokes and a bit of a evil side mixed in there.

Innocent angels are welcome as well

I'm a fairly average looking white guy, I can be very sweet and caring. I usually always will have something witty or nice to say. My sense of humor is probably my super power.

I'd like to possibly hangout one day and make a real friend here.

Just be friendly, cute, able to joke around and honest. There's not much more I can ask for.

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Here's the link if you'd like to read it

"Burn Me Down" is about Brandon Byrne, a 16 year old boy, who, from a young age, noticed that he couldn't feel what others could. In that he has very little, to no, emotional attachment or experience to anything or anyone. However there is one thing which removes his dreadful empty feeling, even if it's temporary. And that thing is fire.

I've linked the first chapter up above. I'm looking for first impressions and feedback from people. If there's any grammatical or punctual errors then feel free to point them out and if anybody desires to read more then I'll happily supply more.

Side note: There are a few things in this chapter, which you may wonder why I included, such as why I mentioned what his password is. There is good reason for this as some of the things come back to play a role in the main plot, however out of full context they may seem a little odd.

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I [23F] met a guy on tinder last month, but we never met in person yet. We used to chat basic stuff, and actually tried to go out a couple of times, but every time he asked me out it was on a day that I couldn't go (he usually wanted to go out on the same day) and when I tried asking him out for the next day he said "let's keep in touch". The next day he didn't talk.

So I was pretty bummed. He tried asking me out again, but then again it was already 8pm and I had made other plans.

So we didn't talk for like a week and out of the blue he says he felt like he said something that made me upset because I didn't text him anymore. I said not at all (which was true), I just had a lot going on in my life (also true), and he said that for a whole week I didn't text him and he was upset.

This is where I'm confused. Of all the time we've been texting each other he only initiated a conversation twice, the rest was all me.

Is he like missing contact or does he expect me to run after him all the time? Does it make sense?

In my head it feels like he expects me to always be available for him.

I just need someone else's perspective on this. Thanks!

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